Judi Whitton 2018

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Lively, Fresh and Free Watercolours, with Judi Whitton

8-9 June and 22-23 June 2018 (Fully booked)

We are delighted that Judi has agreed to hold two workshops in 2018. She does very little teaching these days so it is a rare opportunity, and not to be missed! Please note this is not a beginners’ class, but is suited to anyone with a little prior experience of watercolour painting.

The price of each 2-day workshop is £215.

Content of the workshop

Judi WhittonJudi will begin the workshop by welcoming participants and briefly giving an overview of the plan for the 2 day workshop.

There will be a short discussion about materials and then Judi will demonstrate a watercolour painting (landscape with buildings). Whilst painting Judi will describe the techniques being used and particular emphasis will be given to how the paint is handled so mixing of pigments will happen mostly on the paper itself rather than on the palette. Judi will also describe her thought processes about the parts of the subject which are emphasised in the painting itself and the parts which she feels are of lesser importance. There will also be a discussion about how to decide when your picture is finished. During the demonstration participants will be encouraged to ask questions.

After the demonstration participants will start their own paintings of a subject of their own choice. This can be by using reference material they have brought themselves or photographs supplied by Judi. Judi will give individual tuition.

Towards the end of the day there will be a brief review of the work and a discussion about the various ideas introduced.

The second day will start with a fresh demonstration which will build on the ideas which arose on the first day and some new considerations will be introduced. With individual tuition participants can then start a fresh picture of their own or continue with their painting from yesterday.

Again there will be a brief look at the work towards the end of the day and participants will be invited to share their ideas and thoughts.

About Judi

Judi Whitton lives in the Cotswolds and is well known for her free and spontaneous watercolours with a sense of light and freshness. Judi has a traditional approach and is a passionate about watercolour painting. She likes to give the impression that her paintings are completed in a trice but they are, in fact, slowly executed with serious consideration given to producing the desired result.

Judi has had many successful one man exhibitions and her teaching skills are much sought after at home and abroad.
Judi has written over 40 articles for The Artist Magazine and is the author of several books about painting. Her first book ‘Reflections’ was followed by the immensely popular ‘Loosen Up Your Watercolours’ by HarperCollins and more recently she has published ‘Painting Venice’.

Fully booked – put your name on a waiting list for this class »

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