Fiona Graham-Mackay 2019

3-day workshop: 29th-31st May 2019

A Creative Start to your Summer

We are very pleased to welcome Fiona Graham-Mackay, described by The Daily Telegraph as “the best art teacher in Britain”. She has painted the Royal Family, regularly exhibits at the National Portrait and Mall Gallery, and is a BBC broadcaster. She created a series of celebrity portraits, including that of Juliet Stevenson you can see below.

It’s going to be an exciting and inspiring workshop, whatever your level. It is drawing-based and a chance to join a bunch of artists in the fun of finding out how to change the world and be better at doing it than you were the day you arrived!

This is a workshop that will appeal to everyone, no matter previous experience, or in what medium you work. It is drawing based and confidence building. Fiona is taking us a stage further than we might ever go by ourselves. Together, you will did deep into the works of great artists as a source of inspiration and aspiration. Inspiration is in us all. Aspiration is recognising it. Fiona leads you there.

As Fiona says: “Get your summer off to a creative start and seriously, join the fun! It is a lovely time of year to go on a course like this. The sap is rising, the season blossoming with potential and a great opportunity to catch some of this rising energy and make it our own.” So come and be inspired by Fiona’s teaching.

Listen to her podcast specially recorded for Toast’s ‘A Creative Practice’ series. And go to BBC Radio 4 to enjoy two series, ‘A portrait of…’ in which she discussed her painting proces..

See more of Fiona’s work here.