Fiona Graham-Mackay 2019

3-day workshop: 29th-31st May 2019

A Creative Start to your Summer

We are very pleased to welcome Fiona Graham-Mackay, described by The Daily Telegraph as “the best art teacher in Britain”. She has painted the Royal Family, regularly exhibits at the National Portrait and Mall Gallery, and is a BBC broadcaster. She created a series of celebrity portraits, including that of Juliet Stevenson you can see below.

It’s going to be an exciting and inspiring workshop, whatever your level. It is drawing-based and a chance to join a bunch of artists in the fun of finding out how to change the world and be better at doing it than you were the day you arrived!

As Fiona says: “Get your summer off to a creative start and seriously, join the fun!”

We are working with Fiona to finalise the timetable for her 3-day workshop and will post details soon. In the meantime, have a listen to her podcast specially recorded for Toast’s ‘A Creative Practice’ series.

See more of Fiona’s work here.