Alice Mumford 2019

1 day: 3rd July 2019

Playing with Balance – 80/20 and 70/30.

We are thrilled to welcome Alice to Bath as she rarely teaches outside Cornwall, where she teaches a few classes in oil painting at St Ives School of Painting. In a fascinating one-day class she will be putting forward a theory about the success of a painting, looking at the light/dark, or warm/cool balance. 

Most paintings succeed because they are not 50/50 in any one respect. They are 80 percent dark and 20 percent light as with Rembrandt, 80 percent elemental and 20 percent man and man-made in the hands of Turner, or 80 percent middle and 20 percent edge with the American abstract impressionist Helen Frankenthaler. Quite a few of Winifred Nicholson’s works are 70 percent cool and 30 percent warm.

With this in mind, we will do a still life either 80/70 percent warm and 20/30 percent cool colours.

What students will achieve


We will spend the first session looking at 80/20 and 70/30 paintings. Just what are warm and cool colours? We will all set out the warm/cool palette and after a demo of 80 warm and 20 cool, everyone will dive in and start on their own version.


Next we will reverse the percentage and try working with a 80 cool and 20 warm composition. 

Enjoy more of Alice’s work on her site.