Phil Hobbs 2019

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Capturing a sense of place through painting

5 days: 24-28th June 2019

We take a ‘back to basics’ approach to all aspects of painting, and drawing, in whatever medium. From my point of view, the overall aim, rather than everyone painting like me, is that each individual goes home at the end of the week, painting like themselves only better. This approach allows for continual evaluation or re-evaluation so it does not matter whether one is a beginner or a more experienced painter.

We can cover any aspect of your painting and address any particular concerns you may have – at any time. Be sure to mention things as they occur to you or you will forget. However, the course this week will seek to address as many of the more generally relevant areas of painting and drawing as possible, through the range of selected venues, each chosen to concentrate on particular aspects of landscape/cityscape painting. These aspects will be highlighted on the day, so that is clear what we are looking to cover.

The choice of actual subject at any one venue will be an individual choice but the aspects discussed should be born in mind. As well as practical issues on site we will seek to address general issues common throughout all mediums (content arranged by mutual agreement), either before we leave for a venue, or on our return in a classroom fashion, or, if the weather is too poor to work outside, these indoor periods can be extended with relevant projects.

The major areas and their interaction that we are looking to cover are:

  • Drawing: Line, pattern, composition.
  • Tonal values: Range, key.
  • Edges: Their importance in creating form.
  • Form: Creation and enhancement.
  • Perspective: Linear and aerial.
  • Colour: Its role in regard to light and temperature.

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Other information

Price: The price of this 5 day course is £550.

Location: We will be based in the light-filled rooms of the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institute (BA1 2HN) and outdoors at specially selected locations in the city.

How to book: Use our online booking form.