Phil Hobbs workshop 2017

A review of Phil Hobbs workshop 2017:

At the end of June this year I attended a painting class organised by Lynne Roche and expertly taught by Phil Hobbs.  I have been to many art classes over the years and this has been one of the most helpful and informative. Although the class concentrated on watercolour, Phil gave instruction for those using different mediums. His approach was encouraging and it was extremely helpful to have a demonstration of how he tackled a complicated street scene, a collection of trees, the denseness of clouds etc. He was prepared to go through any individual artistic problems. I have always got to a certain point in a painting and found a stumbling block which I was unable to solve. Phil helped me to get over this problem. This course was beautifully organised, friendly and held in an attractive Georgian venue. In addition comfortable portable seats were provided for outdoor drawing and painting.

Summer School 2016 with Jane Blundell

Jane's class


Jane's workshop in the BRLSI

A review of Jane’s workshop:

I recently spent a very enjoyable week at the Bath Watercolour ‘boot camp’ at the Scientific Institute. As usual we were made welcome by Lynne Roche whose arrangements were flawless and the cakes scrumptious.

The course was taught by Jane Bundell who is a member of the Australian Watercolour Institute and paints the most wonderfully vibrant realistic watercolours inspired by nature and the outdoors.

There were about 15 of us on the course making it manageable for Jane to give one to one advice as we worked through a well structured learning programme, exploring the basics of mixing colours, paint consistency and painting techniques. We started with ‘wet on wet’ allowing the paints to flow to produce their own magic mixes and by the end of the week were sketching outside in the open air painting simple scenes of Bath.

If you are thinking of learning the techniques of watercolours I would highly recommend a week with Jane. We had a fun time and I came away with more confidence and the knowledge of how to achieve the results I want to create. I now understand which pigments to mix together to get the exact colours I need to use, to get those hues that are not found in the pallet, particularly those oranges, greens, indigoes, turquoises, browns, and greys that you see all around. A great learning experience.

Sketching outdoors

Outdoor inspiration

Thank you Lynne & Michael for a well organised week with Jane, it must have been hard work but it was very successful, gorgeous cakes too! Really enjoyed Jane’s boot camp, her knowledge is amazing. And a lovely person too! So talented… 

In the classroom

Jane demonstrating a technique